Spinworkx Best of 2014 (Not an Expose)

2015 is here and as our favourite yoyo store said goodbye to 2014 with a Best of 2014 List featuring some of the year's most popular merchandise, they seemed to have left out one category as the brilliant Ian Loh pointed out here:

Yes. The canned drinks that have courageously fueled us through hour after hour of trying to make it look like modern yoyoing, and round after round of KEN without a single complaint and/or blog war. I think they deserve a Best of 2014 too, so here it is:

After I tallied our 3 votes and constantly badgered Hans to part with the info,

Most popular Beginner Canned Drink

#1 - Coke

Most popular Advanced Canned Drink

#1 - Coke

So there you have it. Coke bags the most popular canned drink title in both categories, proving it to be the canned drink of choice among beginners and pros alike. Despite Gentry not drinking Coke while winning Worlds, Coke's utterly normal ability to provide reasonable satisfaction at a reasonable price point might explain its universal appeal.

While it's looking like Coke is poised to continue it's sugary reign of terror over the rest of the mini fridge (I mean it's even got itself wrapped around it), our canned drink experts say the following are some ways to rock the throne in 2015:

-Green Tea slahsers sugar from its drink so Sean goes on a Green Tea binge #roadto100kg
-Someone writes an expose on Coke thus kicking up a gushcloud
-Ky Zizan comes back from the future, drinks Sprite then breaks 1A again #HOOPZ
-CLYW collaborates with Lemon Tea and releases a capsule collection of jogger pants

Before spinning off, Spinworkx store will have no promotions on canned drinks in the foreseeable future so folks, continue working on your tricks, have fun, and rejoice in the fact that when the going get's rough, a humble canned drink will always be available at $1.20 a pop. Happy 2015! 



I think one can see the world in those terms.

Life Is About Making Connections

New ideas, new relationships, new friends, new perspectives, all need a brain to make a connection between two or more things.


Jason Lee: Are There New Concepts to Discover

I was speaking to Jason in China, and one of the things I asked him was if he thinks there'll still be new concepts in yoyos out there waiting to be discovered. He replied with what I thought was the most fitting answer possible.

He said in about 2002, somewhere along the peak of the 1A string trick explosion, he and Gary Longoria, two players he described as "at the forefront of yoyoing" sat down and asked each other the exact same question. Both of them agreed that there were none and every concept that could've been discovered has been done.

Look where we are now.


Advertising Reflection #1: Impact on Society

As a powerful tool to drive sales, in a free market system advertising has helped blow consumerism culture up into today’s almost ridiculous proportions. While it isn’t the primary cause, I think it certainly is a contributing factor.

Advertisers effectively brainwash children whose innocent minds simply don’t stand a chance against the psychoanalysts, focus groups, bright color palettes and morning TV spots. Fashion houses prey on my insecurities and desires to be with the ‘in’ crowd to peddle more clothes I don’t need.

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum we have advertisements that promote healthy lifestyles, discouraging drink driving, encouraging exercise etc. This goes to show advertisements are mere tools, and their goodness and their impact on society lies in the way they are used.

In today’s society however, the vast majority of ads are used to perpetuate consumerism and a materialistic culture. I think this point at a more fundamental problem with the free market system, or how society operates, in which people need to decide for themselves what it is they truly want.

In my imagination is a world where billboards shout the benefits of compassion, where TV spots remind us that happiness is not about having what we want, but wanting what we have, and pamphlets sell happiness for exactly $0.00. This world sounds ridiculous, but at least you don’t have to buy a new sweater every fall, and your kids won’t be clamoring for Playstation Four.


Principles of Humour

Surprise, exaggeration, similarity.